Coachella Day Two

Coachella Day Two

Notes on Coachella Day Two from the perspective of a VJ in the Sahara tent, published via iPhone (pix and more to come later)

Finished gun-shooting dude (share Quartz Composer doc)

Smells Like Teen Spirit played by Zane Lowe at almost the same time as Felix Da Housecat (same tent, one day later)

TRV$DJ-AM – shot lots of footage (will upload once I’m back in Oregon).

Pix of Brett with silver tarp (VJing in direct sunlight)

Here’s a strange situation- I’m sitting in front of the controls for a beautiful concert video system, while the Chemical Brothers are playing. I’m surrounded by the rest of my VJ crew, who are ready at their stations. We’ve got a load of custom content that was built specifically to complement particular Chemical Bros. tracks.

And we have been instructed to leave the screens off. Sigh.

Note to eager MSTRKRFT fans – rhythmic clapping does not solve video cable issues.

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