Monome Controlling Flash – First Results


Monome Controlling Flash – First Results


Last night I stumbled across Oscar (via Ben Chun, the creator of flosc). It’s a simple Cocoa app that listens for OSC messages and converts them into messages you can access via an XMLSocket in Flash (using Actionscript 3).

I started working on a simple proof-of-concept Flash project last night, and got it all finished up this morning! It creates 128 boxes in a multidimensional array and allows me to trigger their Alpha on and off by pressing my monome buttons.

I’ve got to get back to client work now, but I hope to clean up the code soon and release it in two parts – one will be a generalized class for getting data from the monome (via Oscar) and the other will be the above implementation where you trigger boxes by pressing buttons.

Also, good news on the Flash-for-VJing front: if you run your flash docs from a directory which you’ve whitelisted in your security settings, you can absolutely control your Flash Movies from within VDMX!


  1. Posted by adrock, at Reply

    it works in as2 as well

  2. Posted by bug138, at Reply

    Could you post more details on how you got this to work?

    I’m trying to get my Korg Nano Kontrol to do the same sort of thing.

  3. Posted by Tim Poulin, at Reply

    Looks great and is exactly what I need. As with bug 138, could you tell me how you did this or send me the source? I’m just learning to code in AS3 and would like to understand how I can receive information in flash and place it in the appropriate variables.

    Thanks for any help!!

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  5. Posted by Mudo, at Reply

    I posted it before at oscar web but…

    <a href="…” target=”_blank”>

    You could find there a processing router for octint (arduinome rgb clone) and octintmidipress (app for trigger midi from octint router)

    Maybe you could be focus on the flash part!


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