Narrative VJ Performance on a Team

Narrative VJ Performance on a Team

Coachella is feeling closer and closer – we’re packing up Tuesday morning (heading out Wednesday morning), and while we’ll have some further time to work on content, I can definitely feel its looming presence as a sort of general urgency in our work.

Today, we spent a lot of time making our custom content from yesterday work as a performance vehicle. It’s definitely coming together, we’ll be doing a jam on it tomorrow afternoon.

I mentioned yesterday that we had an interactive scene based on an album cover, and that has turned into a somewhat narrative piece. We’ve scripted out points, mostly in 10 minutes increments, and then jammed it out between the 4 VJs. I’ll have to wait until after Coachella to spell out things further, but I believe we gleaned enough insight for a decent VJ Kung Fu tutorial.

Until the veil of secrecy is lifted, this is all I can show you – it’s our practice camera setup, with mister bear tearing up the vinyl.


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