Return to Portland

Return to Portland


Finally got back home yesterday. Arrived to 70 degrees with a slight cool wind, and our backyard pear trees in full blossom – Portland is in its prime, folks.

Took a nice long nap and then went to see Adventureland at St. John’s Twin Cinemas. There’s another good example of a film whose trailer undersold it – the one I saw pushed the movie as a load of hot girls & slapstick, and that really doesn’t do it any sort of justice. It’s witty and sweet and yes, a little ridiculous. Also found Living Room Theaters – looks like a cool setup, will have to go to one of their $5 shows soon (maybe next week).

Jumping back into all my work projects today – will flesh out Coachella round-ups within the next few days, but my clients need some attention after the two-week break to prepare for the festival.

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