Team Content Creation


Team Content Creation


Today we focused mostly on creating content for specific acts. One act, for example, provided album cover art, which I simulated in Quartz Composer as an interactive animation. Another group pointed us to YouTube to see what they’ve done for previous shows, and requested something within that vein. For this second group, we conjured up a little workflow for some original content:

  1. Brett dressed in what he calls his ‘Zentai’ suit, and Derth shot him dancing and posing in front of a white wall.
  2. VJ Aquine inverted the footage in Final Cut and did a little matting to clean things up, resulting in a white silhouette of Brett dancing on a black background.
  3. VJ Aquine then cut the clips into seamless loops – some by crossfade, others by ping-pong.
  4. Momo the Monster (yours truly) will today create a Quartz Composer patch that loads the content library and move the various characters onto and off the screen.

zentai-fullsceneIt’s really fantastic to work on a team that’s pitching in on a shared content pool like this – we are able to come up with a concept and turn it into a workable VJ system on a tight schedule without totall burning ourselves out. It’s definitely inspiring ideas for activities to do with NWAV.

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