The Festival Begins

The Festival Begins

No internet access for my Mac, so this is a short placeholder entry via my iPhone.

Did our prepared narrative set for Felix Da Housecat, but the screens are nigh-invisible during the day. We captured it to DVD, so I should be able to upload some snippets. Will definitely share the Quartz Composer file I created.

Girl Talk was crazy. His VJ, Andrew, ran 80′s-ish graphics, and Cyber Patrol Unit bravely joined the onstage crowd of moshing mashup maniacs to provide some excellent footage for our screens. Spivey flipped between cameras expertly, often mixing four at a time to keep up with GT’s pace.

We also did an all-camera show for The Presets, which was wonderful.

Steve Aoki was ridiculous and I didn’t care much for his music, but he sure as hell got the crowd moving.

I’m sure I’m forgetting things, but it’s almost 2am and we’ve got to sleep so we can get up at 8:30am and do it again!

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    Dude what happen did your set get canceled? That’s what i heard. Thank you for all the inspiration through the years.

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