VJing at Coachella 2009


VJing at Coachella 2009

I was just recently invited by Brett Spivey of Xochi Media to join their crew for Coachella this year! I had to skip out last year as I was packing up my life to move to Portland.

I’m heading down about two weeks ahead of time to learn their system, develop some new Quartz Composer scenes that will complement their styles, and – very important – practice performing together to the bands we’ll be playing with.

Here’s a little peek at what I’m bringing:


This is the same case that held an MPK49 for my GrandVJ demo in Detroit last year. This time it’s stuffed with a variety of VJ Equipment. The ubiquitous V-4, a Canon HF100 for documentation, my Monome 128 in a beautiful case made here in Portland by MapMap, a portable eSata drive, a 7″ LCD, my new Korg NanoKontrol (replacing the UC-33 in my VDMX setup), and a mesh bag with a bunch of cables, a small hard drive and my USB hub. My trusty MacBook Pro is packed separately (as a carry-on).

I’m really not sure what to expect, but I’m very excited about my 2-week study with the Xochi crew. More pictures and video to come as things develop.



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  2. Posted by Louis Muloka, at Reply

    Good luck on your trip!!

    Also glad to see the switch from the UC-33 to a smaller (more minimal) device.

  3. Posted by foodini, at Reply

    Nice setup Surya! Can’t wait to see you unpack it at Coachella

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