Master Control Station is Shaping Up


Master Control Station is Shaping Up

mstr-ctrl-assembleWith SOAK just a few days away, I’m putting the finishing touches on the box for the Master Control Station. This interactive piece will be installed near the Main Stage at the campout, and anyone who wants to have some fun controlling a realtime video projection system is welcome to come on up and press the buttons.

There have been a lot of changes from the original proposal. For one, it was supposed to include a Dance Pad, as seen in my last blog post. Unfortunately, though I did get some fabulous help from Laen (via Dorkbot) installing a new brain, we’ve yet to get it sending out the right signals, and with the event just days away, it’s probably best to just focus on what we’ve got for sure.

So we’ll have this mini-arcade-form-factor cabinet surrounding my MacBook Pro, running a custom Quartz Composer patch, controlled by a DM2. The second coat of Marine-grade sealant is drying on the cabinet pieces now, and then I have only a little final assembly to do. More pics and video after the event!

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