faderTouch DIY touchscreen


faderTouch DIY touchscreen

Just got a video update from VJ Fader, who has recently relocated across the world to Beijing.

His ‘faderTouch’ system is a homebrew rear-projection single-touch screen which he  uses to control custom Processing sketches.


The current version is an aluminum frame with wood legs, and a  10 lumen pico projector bouncing off a mirror.


  1. Posted by anthony, at Reply

    So I get how the projection part works, but how does the touch screen part work? Do you just get a semi transparent touch screen?

  2. Posted by VJ Fader, at Reply

    The faderTouch pictured is using a infrared touch panel, with a film on the glass to catch the image from the projector.

  3. Posted by Harald, at Reply

    Really cool – Which kind of film do you use to catch the image ?

  4. Posted by Mudo, at Reply

    Yeah… when project natal arrive you will do BIG things with it… sure!

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