Polyphonic Synth with StandingWave2

Polyphonic Synth with StandingWave2

(Interactive – click on letters to activate, then use your keyboard)

I’ve been working on a Simon-like game in order to stretch my AS3 knowledge, and I’ve been running up against some of Flash’s known issues regarding playing sounds at exact times. I stumbled upon StandingWave2 while searching for developments in the sound-in-Flash arena, and after just a few hours of messing with it, I am HOOKED. I’m not yet sure that it’s going to solve the particular issue I was having with the Simon game, but it’s spurred a few tangential ideas that I may try out first.

In any case, the movie at the top of this post is my first go with the StandingWave2 library, made in the course of a few hours on Sunday. I’m looking forward to more experiments.


  1. Posted by Chris Ellerby, at Reply

    Flash finally has some pretty good libraries for sound, and it’s a lot of fun to play with.

    I look forward to seeing what you are able to create.

  2. Posted by adrock the h.dotter, at Reply

    u-i-r-w-e 8) play it!!!

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