CopySwitch – Change Text in a Batch of FLAs

CopySwitch – Change Text in a Batch of FLAs

I’ve currently got the good fortune to be working with the Digital Studio team at W+K on a big project with lots of banners that will be produced in-house as well as sent out to studios around the world.

The Problem

As is often the case with banners, we’ve got a lot of text that may change multiple times before we ship. Every foreign studio will need to switch out the text within each banner as well. I’ve been doing lots of localization work using AS3 loading language for XML files, but we don’t have that luxury in the world of banners, where any extra kilobyte of load code may take us over our filesize limits.

The Solution

Enter JSFL. For those not yet in the know, it’s scripting for the Flash IDE – Javascript files which can control many aspects of the interface, like manipulating the library, timeline, tweens, renaming, organizing and more. I had a hunch that I could build something that would perform the text-switching functions of XML Language loading, but at authoring time instead of runtime, simplifying the resulting XML file.

How it works

You create a text file which lists object names and the text they should have (the download includes an example file). It’s XML-like, but simplified to be easy to read an edit. You run the CopySwitch script (by double-clicking on it) and select the language file you just created when prompted. Flash will switch out all the text you described in any open Flash file. So you can change the copy in 20 banners in a matter of seconds. Works with static or dynamic text.

Download CopySwitch v1.0

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