SXSW Panels of Interest for Visualists

SXSW Panels of Interest for Visualists

SXSW Panel voting ends today. Here are the panels I found which may be of interest to VJs, Visualists, and Interactive Artists:

Throwing Beam for Fun and Profit

Motion Paintings, Visual Storytelling and Deaf Film

Beyond 3D: How Interactive Screenings Will Save Cinema

DIY Motion Tracking for Public Spaces

People as Peripherals: The Future of Gesture Interface

Developing Futuristic Multi-Touch / Multi-Screen Applications

Interactive Narratives: Creating the Future of Literature

3D Interfaces: A Primer on Stereoscopic Interaction Design

Data Visualization: Sci-Fi Interfaces in the Real World

Toss the Projector: Redefining the Presenter/Audience Dynamic

Hybridizing Interaction with Motion Design: User Interfaces

The Future of Touch User Interface Design

Fun With The Lights Off: Interactivity Without Graphics

Getting Touchy: Going Beyond the Keyboard and Mouse

Creating Interactive Art Through Social Media Collaboration

The Music of Interaction Design

Realtime Interactivity for Music, Broadcast and Art

Realtime Mixing In Video Games

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