Bridge Invaders Released

Bridge Invaders Released

I’m proud to announce the beta release of MMMLabs’ first Android Application – Bridge Invaders!
It’s a lo-res Drawing and Animation application Check out the video below for a taste:

So you draw little 5-by-5 animations frame-by-frame, and then you can play them back, and tap in the tempo.
You can save and load – to manage animations beyond that, you can do it directly – they’re all saved as XML files in SDCARD/BridgeInvaders

Please let me know if you have any problems or feature suggestions aside from the following:

  • Feature: Copy/Paste Frames
  • Feature: Change Mirroring Modes
  • Feature: Delete Saved Files from GUI
  • Issue: Previous/Next Frame Buttons are laggy
  • Issue: Large animations take a LONG time to load

Geeky Details

Bridge Invaders is developed using AIR for Android, which enables Actionscript 3 applications to run on the Android platform (AS3 is commonly known as the language that powers Flash). This application was originally developed as an installation for the PDX Bridge Festival as a large-scale interactive video project. Thanks to WKE for sponsoring some of the development, FDT for their awesome dev tools, Robotlegs for keeping the code manageable, the Hype Framework for the shortcuts, and to Jared Tarbell and Invader for the inspiration.

Direct Download

If you cannot find it in the market, it means it probably will not work on your phone.

HOWEVER – if you want to install it anyway just to try, you can download it here: Bridge Invaders for Android


  1. Posted by @ashapsyki, at Reply

    Wow…looks kool…….Im gonna try it on my new Droid X…….I wonder if you could get it to talk to my HDMI out???…that would be killer!…thanks for the inspiration! (works great on my Droid BTW)

    • Posted by momothemonster, at Reply

      hey @ashapsyki, thanks for trying it out. I did a little research, and it seems like there is no solution for pushing the on-screen image to the HDMI out on the Droid X at the moment – Motorola has limited this output to the Gallery application. There was a solution called Real HDMI Out but it has been pulled due to a problem Motorola introduced into their 2.2 kernel. I do hope they fix it!

      • Posted by Asha Psyki, at Reply

        ya…me to …..thanks for investigating. I'll keep my eyes and ears open…

  2. Posted by @pdxbridgefest, at Reply

    awesome work! so glad to see the interactive experience getting a realworld application!

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