3M Touchscreen Drivers

3M Touchscreen Drivers

The best touchscreen I have used is still the 3M M2256PW. It’s extremely responsive, can handle 20 fingers at once which means you can have two people with both hands or four people with one hand each, and it’s durable.

The monitor has native support for Windows 7/8 but only single-point responsiveness in OS X using the USB connection.

I noticed, however, that it has a Serial port, which is old school and platform-agnostic! So I created a Serial-To-TUIO program that enables you to use it on a Mac with any TUIO-capable software!

Download ThreeEmTu v0.1

ThreeEmTu on GitHub – compile it yourself.
ofxThreeEmTu on GitHub – bundle it into your own apps.

After I published this tool, I found that someone had done me one better by writing a more stable and responsive application that works with the USB port, 3m2TUIO

Download 3M2TUIO.zip

Unfortunately, this tool is no longer available from its original source. The author released the source along with the binary I’ve included above. I had always meant to update ThreeEmTu to use his superior methods but never got around to it and now the source is gone from the internet. I’ve emailed the author and hope I can post the source here sometime soon for inclusion in your projects.

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