Building Snake in TouchDesigner – Step One


Building Snake in TouchDesigner – Step One

I finally got my Oculus Rift! As a first test, I want to build a 3D Spherical Snake game. As I’ve been learning TouchDesigner and positing its usefulness as a prototyping tool, I aim to build out the game first in TD, testing the mechanics, graphics and gameplay before I set about coding it in C++.

First thing I’ve set out to do is build a normal 2D Snake game in Touch Designer before I start getting all tricky with the 3D sphere stuff. I took a few hours yesterday, and I’ve now got a controllable 3D snake moving on two axes, with variable speed and proper growth, controllable via a single number in a DAT.

You can download the current version here: MMMFlatSnake_v1.toe



It’s a reasonably simple setup, but shows some tricks that I’ve learned that may be helpful for beginners. For example:

  • Using a Fan CHOP to figure out which keyboard button was pressed from a series of options (like up, down, left, right)
  • Using a Sweep CHOP to draw a 3D object
  • Using mod to call methods contained in DATs
  • Using a startup script (‘execute1′ in this setup)

I may tackle the 3D movement next, though there are still many game items left to be implemented: Food Placement, Food Consumption, Self-Collision, Wall-Collision and Death.


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