Playsonic v.1

What it’s like to play:

You put on the video glasses and pick up the Playstation-style gamepad. Inside the glasses, you are rushing through an interstellar tunnel, and a floating glyph hangs in space in front of you. Pressing buttons on the controller activate glowing symbols in your view and play an arpeggio of notes. The thumbsticks modulate the sounds – sliding the pitch of secondary notes and filtering the frequencies that you hear. You press the shoulder buttons to kick in selection of drum beats, and wiggle the D-Pad to cut up the percussion and spin yourself in a new direction through the endless tunnel. Meanwhile, an audience can see and hear your creation projected into the room.

What’s going on underneath:

There are two programs at play – Ableton Live for the audio, and Quartz Composer for the video. The signals from the gamepad are interpreted by JunXion and transformed into MIDI messages for the two applications.

What’s next:

Multiplayer mode – 4 gamers each control an aspect of the music – Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and Percussion, and an associated visual.